Who should study biblical counseling?

The short answer: Christians. 

The long answer?

Our Equipped to Counsel Training Program is designed for people who are seeking to love others well wherever God has placed them. Most people who complete this course will not become professional biblical counselors (although it is possible). Our desire is to see Christians from all spheres of life complete this training.

  • The pastor who knows a lot about the Bible, but wants to know how the story of Scripture can  specifically minister to the hurting person in their office.
  • The licensed professional counselor who isn’t sure how to incorporate the Bible into his or her counseling.
  • The soccer coach who finds himself working with hurting families.
  • The social worker who counsels children and families daily.
  • The elder at church who people call when their marriage is in trouble.
  • The church member who tends to linger after church to catch up with people’s lives.
  • The Bible study leader who wants to know how to respond when someone shares something heavy.

You get the point…. This training is for Christians who interact with people on a daily basis.

How will Equipped to Counsel help me?

This course will first define biblical counseling. You will learn what must be a part of your counsel in order to be biblical. You will also learn general and specific methods for counseling others with God’s Word.

This training will give you an understanding of how to work with common problems like addictions, anxiety, and depression.

Equipped to Counsel will also help you to minister to marriages and families. How do you mediate marital conflict? How can I identify violence in a marriage and respond in wisdom? How can I counsel a couple struggling with intimacy?… Or disagreeing about how to spend money? The course will give you insight into loving blended families and leading families toward unity. It will also help you understand how to counsel children and adolescents. 

Why should I invest my time in training?

At Connection Point, we believe that biblical counseling training can help us to obey God when he tells us to love him and to love others. Learning to listen to others and respond with godly counsel is a huge part of loving others well. 

We also believe that this training could help change the culture of your church. We want to see counseling restored to the local church. We want to see church members feeling equipped to counsel their friend in the parking lot. Pastors cannot bear the full load of the counseling needs of the church. We can be people who bear one another’s burdens with love, wisdom, and care.

Finally, we believe that this training will benefit your own personal life. When you learn to counsel others biblically, you begin to counsel your own heart when sin and suffering arises. Your marriage, your children, your friendships will all benefit from your refreshed understanding of how our Savior meets us in our valleys.

Are you interested in registering?

We begin in October for this eight month training program. At the end, you will have a Level One Certification with the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC). You will also have an opportunity to travel with us to the ABC National Conference to celebrate the achievement. Don’t put it off. Make the decision today to make an investment that has eternal returns!