Consultation groups

What you do is important. What you do is hard. You are not alone. We are here to help.

Just Beginning

Topics will include:

  • setting realistic goals
  • recording session notes
  • navigating difficult situations
  • cultivating hope
  • communicating with home churches

Fine Tuning

Topics will include:

  • assorted categories of client need
  • case study presentation
  • sharing resources
  • navigating changes in the counseling world

Ministry Creating

Topics will include:

  • troubleshooting the many issues of launching and operating a counseling ministry
  • building church partnerships
  • fund-raising and marketing
  • establishing supporting teams


Topics will include:

  • counseling through difficult situations
  • identifying and raising up lay counselors
  • discerning when to refer to counseling outside the church
  • accessing general resources for biblical counseling


Consultation Groups will be led by Angela Shelton (Founder of CPCC, M.A Counseling, and Doctoral Student) and Joe Brinkman (Pastor and M.A. Counseling) and will meet via Zoom for one hour. There are 10 bi monthly meetings for each cohort at a cost of $30 dollars per meeting with a desired commitment of at least 50% attended or at a discounted rate of $250 if paid up front.

Whether you are new or highly experienced, working within a well supported environment, or feeling alone in your calling, join as we encourage one another, increase knowledge in specific areas, sharpen skills that enhance your ministry, and build connections within the Biblical counseling network.