Growing God’s Gift 2023

Hosted by Trinity Presbyterian Church in partnership with Connection Point, Growing God’s Gift exists to equip church members and parents for discipling children and teenagers in the context of the local church. Growing them towards trust in Jesus Christ is the purpose of this discipleship.  Covenant children in the Church aren’t really ours at all; they are God’s.  They’re not a future generation of the Church, but present members in the Church to be nurtured now.  As Scripture teaches, children are a gift from God.

Join us Friday evening April 21st and Saturday April 22nd as we hear from three speakers with extensive knowledge and experience regarding this topic.

Friday will include dinner and a talk from Samuel D. James titled “Digital Liturgies: Reformed Christianity in a Technological Society” Saturday morning, after coffee and donuts, Angela Shelton will speak on “Connection through the Lens of Embodiment: Relationships in a Digital Age” followed by a panel discussion with all three of our speakers. Saturday evening D.J. Seals will end our event with his talk on “Living in a World of Technology – Wolves Among Sheep: The Realities of Social Media”.

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Samuel D. James

From Louisville, Kentucky, Samuel is an editor for a Christian book publisher and a writer who has publish in such places as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Time, First Things, The Gospel Coalition, and more.

His website space, Digital Liturgies, is an attempt to express the intersection of a robustly evangelical, Reformed Christianity with life in a modern, technological society and a striving toward the values of Christian wisdom against the headwinds of technological formation, i.e., the “digital liturgies.”

Connection Point Ministry Biblical Counseling Atlanta Georgia

Angela Shelton

Angela, founder of Connection Point Biblical Counseling and Training Center, graduated from Auburn University (B.S. Psychology), Westminster Theological Seminary (M.A. Counseling), and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Though she counsels many different issues, her counseling passion is to help adults and families overcome the trauma of sexual abuse. Angela’s desire is to peer below the surface to uncover the depths of a person’s heart and then link that person’s broken heart to the true Comforter and Healer.

D.J. Seals

D.J. SEALS began his law enforcement career with the Covington Police Department in Covington, Georgia.  In 2010, Detective Seals was appointed to the Georgia Crime Information Center board as the only Intelligence Officer to ever do so. In 2013, Detective Seals joined Public Engines full time as the Director of Public Safety and Strategy.  In 2015, Public Engines was purchased by Motorola and Seals was named as a Motorola Industry Specialist, where he now leads their Professional Services Division.  

D.J. speaks on several topics as a guest speaker in various outlets one of which is speaking to parents about specific dangers of the internet and other technologies.