ETC Syllabus 2022

Due DateÖWeek #             Description
3/26/22 8-12pm  Introduction to CP & ABC Certificate, Process, Receive MaterialsDiscuss ETC, writing assignments & counseling journals *Give tips on highlighting and marking stuff for quick reference through process & to utilize in counseling
3/28/22 1Watch DVD Series: Your Walk with God Is A Community Project  Write Community Project Reaction Paper
4/2/22  Community Project Paper Due – Save in your student Dropbox
4/4/22 2ETC Module 1: A Vision for Counseling Lesson 1: Counseling Ministry in the Church & Lesson 2: The Origin of Counseling MinistryRead Article: Counseling Is the Church Read Article: Cure of Souls (and the Modern Psychotherapies)
4/11/22 3ETC Module 1: A Vision for Counseling Lesson 3: The Place of Counseling Ministry & Lesson 4: A Definition for Biblical CounselingRead Article: The Great Commission: A Paradigm for Ministry in the Local Church Read Article: Affirmations & Denials: A Proposed Definition of Biblical CounselingRead Article: What is Biblical Counseling Anyway? 
4/18/22 4ETC Module 2: Counseling Foundations Lesson 5: Counseling Worldview, Part 1 & Lesson 6: Counseling Worldview, Part 2Read Article: Speaking RedemptivelyRead Article: Toward a Definition of the Essence of Biblical CounselingRead Article: How Do You Help a Psychologized Counselee?
4/25/22 5ETC Module 2: Counseling Foundations Lesson 7: The Aim of Biblical Counseling & Lesson 8: The Fruit of Biblical CounselingRead Article: God’s Glory Is the Goal of Biblical CounselingRead Article: Modern Therapies and the Churches Faith  
5/2/22 6ETC Module 3: God and His Word Lesson 9: Scripture Tells the Story & Lesson 10: Creation, Fall, and JudgementRead Article: Who Is God? 
5/14/22  Your Story Paper Due – Save in your student Dropbox & bring to class 5/30
5/9/22 7ETC Module 3: God and His Word Lesson 11: Redemption, Consummation, and Eternity & Lesson 12: Knowing the Word of GodRead Article: The Present Glories of Redemption Read Article: Is the “Adonis Complex” In Your Bible? Read Article: How Does Scripture Change You?
5/16/22 81.     ETC Module 4: The Gospel Lesson 13: The Gospel Outlined & Lesson 14: Gospel ImplicationsRead Article: The Therapeutic GospelRead Article: How Does Sanctification Work?
5/23/22 9FLEX Week – Catch up on reading and/or Relax
Due Date  ÖWeek #  Description
5/30/22 10ETC Module 4: The Gospel Lesson 15: The Gospel Lived, Part 1 & Lesson 16: The Gospel Lived, Part 2Read Article:  Sanctification, Part 2.Read Article:  Sanctification, Part 3.
6/4/22  Process Paper One Due – Save in your student Dropbox
6/6/22 11ETC Module 5: Understanding People Lesson 17: Suffering & Lesson 18: Whatever Rules Your Heart Rules Your LifeRead Article: Understanding the Influences on the Human HeartRead Article: Suffering and Psalm 119Read Article: Biological Psychiatry Read Article: What if Your Father Didn’t Love You 
6/13/22 12ETC Module 5: Understanding People Lesson 19: The Descent into Depression & Lesson 20: The Ascent into Joyful AbundanceRead Article: Puritan Resources for Biblical CounselingRead Article: Learning contentment in all our circumstances
6/25/22 8-12pmIN CLASSROOM TRAINING Exam #1 Day –Take open book exam on Modules 1-5
6/20/22 13ETC Module 6: Counseling Methods Lesson 21: General Methods: Love and Discern & Lesson 22: General Methods: Identify and ExhortRead Article: X­Ray Questions: Drawing Out the Whys and Wherefores of Human BehaviorRead Article: Opening Blind Eyes: Another Look at Data GatheringRead Article: Data Gathering Part 2: What the Counselor Brings to The Process
6/27/22 14Counseling Journals Meeting 1
7/4/22 15FLEX Week – Catch up on reading and/or Relax
7/11/22 16Counseling Journals Meeting 2
7/18/212 17ETC Module 6: Counseling Methods Lesson 23: Specific Counseling Methods & Lesson 24: Specific Counseling ConditionsRead Article: Strategies for Opening Blind Eyes: Data Gathering Part 3Read Article: Illustrative Counseling Read Article: Counseling People Who Resist Change Counseling Journals Meeting 3
7/25/22 181.     ETC Module 7: Addictions Lesson 25: Understanding Addiction & Lesson 26: Counsel for Addiction Counseling Journals Meeting 4
7/30/22  Case Study Paper Due – Save in your student Dropbox
Due DateÖWeek #Description
8/1/22 19ETC Module 7: Anxiety Lesson 27: Understanding Worry and Anxiety & Lesson 28: Counsel for Worry and AnxietyRead Article:  Getting to the Heart of Your WorryRead Article: “Peace Be Still”:  Learning Psalm 131 by Heart  
8/8/22 20ETC Module 8: Anger Lesson 29: Understanding Anger & Lesson 30: Counsel for AngerRead Article:  Anger Part 1:  Understanding AngerRead Article:  Anger part 2: Three lies about anger and the transforming truthRead Article:  Anger part 3: Getting to the heart of conflict Counseling Journals Meeting 5
8/13/22 8-12pmIN CLASSROOM TRAINING * Counseling Journals 1-5 – bring copies to Class for review
8/15/22 21ETC Module 8: Depression Lesson 31: Defining Depression, Lesson 32: Understanding Depression & Lesson 33: Counsel for DepressionRead Article:  The Valley of the Shadow of DeathRead Article:  Counseling Those Who Are DepressedRead Article:  Words of Hope for Those Who Struggle with Depression Counseling Journals Meeting 6 & 7
8/20/22  Process Paper Two Due – Save in your student Dropbox
8/22/22 22ETC Module 9: Sexual Purity and Sexual Sin Lesson 34: God’s Purpose and Design for Sex, Lesson 35: The Nature of Sexual Temptation and Sin & Lesson 36: Counsel for Sexual Temptation and SinRead Article:  What’s Right About Sex?Read Article:  Sexual Sin and the Wider, Deeper Battles.
8/29/22 23ETC Module 9: Sexual Purity and Sexual Sin Lesson 37: Understanding Homosexuality & Lesson 38: Counsel for HomosexualityRead Article:  Homosexuality:  Current Thinking and Biblical GuidelinesRead Article:  Getting to Know the Experience of Same-Sex Attraction. Counseling Journals Meeting 8 & 9
9/5/22 24 FLEX Week – Catch up on reading and/or Relax
9/10/22 8-12pmIN CLASSROOM TRAINING         Exam #2 Day –Take open book exam on Modules 6-9 *Submit completed Counseling Journals 1-9 – bring copies to Class
9/12/22 25Watch DVD Series: What did you Expect?  Write What did you Expect? Reaction Paper
9/17/22  What did you Expect Paper Due – Save in your student Dropbox  
9/19/22 26FLEX Week – Catch up on reading and/or Relax
9/29-10/2 27CCEF Conference Hershey, PA (OR) Online
10/8/22   All Assignments must be submitted to participate in Graduation Ceremony – No Exceptions  
10/10/22 28Final grading, Data being submitted by Training Center to ABC for Approval. Students – Invite family & friends to Graduation
10/17/22 29Certifications are Issued and mailed by ABC.
10/22/2210-12pm  Celebration/Graduation Receives CERTIFICATION and additional resources to begin Counseling journey!  

Black font = Reading and Writing Assignments

Red font = Classroom Training Days

Blue font = Notating Assignments to E-mail for Grade

Green font = Catch up week or Relax

Over the next 7 months you will be trained to become a biblical counselor through the requirements below. This will not only be informative with in-class room training but will provide practical application through group discussion questions and role plays. After receiving Level 1 Certification, you will be approved to move on to Level 2 Certification or Specialized Marriage Certification.

Equipped to Counsel Book

*2 Exams & Your Story Paper